Building Foundations For The XRPL

Want to strengthen your favorite XRPL project and earn passive XRP rewards?

The Pillar Fund

Hold PLR Token and vote for the Pylon Project Pillar Fund which you'd like to delegate votes to. XRP will be perpetually added to their Pillar Fund, and provide a 'floor' price for the entire supply of the Pylons' tokens via limit buy orders on the XRPL DEX. Never fear a race to the bottom again!

Passive Income

The Pillar Fund will be additionally utilized in the upcoming AMM pools for the Pylon Projects. Funds earned from participating in these AMM pools will be distributed to PLR holders and the Pylon token holders 50/50. Every Pylon is now a passive-rewarding project paying out in XRP!

Become a Pylon Project

Are you interested in becoming a Pylon Project, and taking advantage of the PLR token’s utilities?  Apply to join Pillars today!