About Us

PIllars Mission

Pillars offers third-party asset backing for various XRP Ledger projects through XRP, while also offering PLR holders and other assets opportunities to earn passive XRP rewards. With Pillars, any XRP Ledger asset gains the potential for sustained value appreciation in XRP and ensures a passive income stream.

Pillars benefits both PLR token holders and Pylon projects in different ways. The inspiration for Pillars came from the Permanent Drip (and Rain) Funds of Reaper Financial and Ascension Index, but with even more utility!

Pillars, part of Atum Industries’ suite of services, enables XRPL projects to focus solely on their mission and goals without the burden of monitoring token prices or ensuring value. We handle the financial aspects, allowing projects to concentrate on their core objectives

Building Value for PLR holders

Pillar Token holders will enjoy the following benefits by holding PLR token:

Architecting Solutions for the XRPL

The Pylon projects will benefit from the Pillar Fund in the following ways:

Meet the

Pillars Team

Greg Prewett

Vice President

Drew Ankney

Business Relations and Marketing