Introducing Pillars: Asset Backing and Passive Income for the XRP Ledger

Atum Industries is thrilled to announce the launch of our revolutionary blockchain product, Pillars. Designed to address the needs of XRPL projects, Pillars offers an XRP asset-backed fund and an opportunity for token holders to earn passive income.

XRPL projects often face challenges in accessing funds to support their initiatives and provide an asset backing to their token. With Pillars, we aim to bridge this gap by providing a secure and reliable XRP asset-backed fund. This fund will not only offer financial stability but also enable projects to focus on their core objectives without worrying about liquidity and the token valuation as much.

What sets Pillars apart is its unique approach to generating passive income for token holders. By participating in the Pillars ecosystem, PLR token holders can earn passive XRP rewards based on their holdings (known as Pi), as well as vote on their favorite Pillars Project (known as Pylons) to delegate their tokens. This blockchain vote will determine the amount of XRP to be distributed to each of the Pylons’ Pillar Funds. This innovative model ensures that those who support XRPL projects are duly incentivized and can benefit from the success of the ecosystem. After the launch of AMM on the XRPL, Pillars will also leverage XRP from the Pillar Fund to provide liquidity to the AMM pool for that Pylon, and any XRP earned from the pool will be shared with PLR token holders as well as the Pylon token holders, even if they don’t hold PLR.

Our team has worked tirelessly to develop and maintain a robust and transparent platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology. With Pillars, we aim to foster a thriving community of XRPL projects and token holders who can collaborate and grow together as the asset backing of the Pylons continues to grow, and provide a stronger foundation for the Pylon’s token and its token holders.

Transparency and security are at the core of Pillars, if you aren’t familiar with Atum Industries (or any of its subsidiaries), then please check out Reaper Financial, Ascension Index, Ark Institute, and Built On XRP.  We’re here to be the change we want in the world and disrupt the status quo. Founder Patrick L. Riley, also created the BLOC Foundation, creating a Constitution declaring the rights that consumers are owed from blockchain projects. Pillars is open to accepting applications for new Pylons and will grade projects against the BLOC Constitution and voted upon by Pillars Founders.  This instills trust and confidence in the ecosystem, attracting more projects and token holders to join our community.

As we launch Pillars, we invite XRPL projects and token holders to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can create a supportive and prosperous ecosystem that empowers projects and rewards those who believe in their potential.

The best way to get involved is to purchase some PLR from the XRPL DEX, vote for your favorite Pylon project, and earn passive XRP.  Together, let’s build a stronger future for XRPL projects!